A centralized site administered by OVPR that can assist users throughout the university to get answers to questions and to access information systems that will assist them in doing their work.

From identification of grant opportunities, to the proposal process, to managing active grants, the portal will allow the user to see all stages of the research process. It will also provide centralized access to research administrative information and improve the researcher and research community experience in completing research administrative tasks.

Project Goals

  • A single platform and consolidated/centralized window to research dashboards, systems, and administrative processes
  • Improved access to research administrative systems and the consolidation and presentation of information through dashboards that collect, combine, and manipulate data from proposals, awards, compliance disclosures, etc.
  • Provide a customized experience, including dashboard content, for each researcher
  • Single sign-on (SSO) access to other Penn systems
  • Roadmap for future releases to include information from various research administrative systems, with the first major release to minimally include COI and GFM integrations

Want More Info? Try These

Grant Financial Management

Available now, manage your grant portfolio using Grant Financial Management (GFM)!

GFM provides researchers and administrative staff a streamlined approach to managing budgets and projections for their sponsored projects. For more information use the button below where a brief video introduction to the system is available along with other resources.

COI and Extramural Disclosure

The purpose of the Conflict of Interest and Extramural Disclosure Project (COI) is to standardize and consolidate the University extramural disclosure requirements and the research disclosure requirements into a single, easy-to-use system. 

The OVPR has contracted Novelution to develop and implement a user-friendly, University-wide Conflict of Interest (COI) and Outside Activity Reporting System (Disclosure System). Rollout is scheduled to begin in 2022.