The Portal Project Team serves as the program management team across three projects and Penn resources. They are responsible for ensuring appropriate, efficient, and effective stakeholder involvement and aligning vendor project approach and plans with Penn culture and constraints.

The team also provides all project reporting to constituents, harmonize cross-project plans, and coordinates and facilitates all communications and meetings with Penn resources.

Team Members

  • Mike Borda        215.898.0394
  • Erica Chick             215.850.0770
  • Pat O’Gorman


  • Novelution (COI), Cayuse (GFM), Pariveda Solutions (Portal)
  • Provide design, development, integration, architecture and solutioning
  • Produce contracted deliverables

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Grant Financial Management

Available now, manage your grant portfolio using Grant Financial Management (GFM)!

GFM provides researchers and administrative staff a streamlined approach to managing budgets and projections for their sponsored projects. For more information use the button below where a brief video introduction to the system is available along with other resources.

Research, Interests, and Activities

This new application provides Faculty with a single location for the disclosure of outside interests and activities and a method of conducting research-relatedness assessments, thereby facilitating the obligations as required by certain funding agencies and supporting compliance with Penn policies. Specifically, this tool will help identify and manage Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOIs) and includes FCOI training.

RIA integrates with and leverages data from existing Penn systems, including Penn Community, PennERA, HS-ERA, Inteum, and the Research Inventory System (RIS) to simplify the disclosure process.